About Naseej

At Naseej we’re committed to harnessing the power of digital transformation in learning & knowledge management by enabling our customers to provide rich experiences for their users and adapt to a dynamic technology landscape, while reducing their technical burden to a minimum enabling them to focus on achieving their strategic objectives, resulting in a higher return on their technology investments with Naseej.

The culmination of years of expertise gained by working with hundreds of clients across the Middle East since 1989 on diverse technology and digital transformation challenges enabled Naseej to gain deep insights and understanding of their true needs, challenges, and aspirations, and develop solutions designed to address those unique needs and challenges and usher our clients into the age of AI, smart services, cloud computing, open platforms, and the next step in digital transformation.

Through projects and initiatives such as the first free Arabic web mail service and the first internet connectivity in Saudi Arabia that enabled millions to connect to the Internet for first time; or the development of the first learning platform on the cloud in the UAE which benefited tens of thousands of students; and by working with global NGO’s to create the largest union of Academic libraries to serve students in Jordan; our solutions touch the lives of countless people every day, from students to researchers, from families to large organizations. Naseej solutions are making a difference by improving the way organizations and people manage and share knowledge and information.


To Enable Digital Transformation in Learning & Knowledge Management that Results in Rich User Experiences and Minimizes Clients Burdens, Enabling them to Focus on Achieving their Strategic Objectives


To Harness the Power of Digital Transformation in Learning & Knowledge Management for Sustainable Development of our Communities