Why Naseej?
  • The first in providing knowledge management solutions
  • 500 ongoing clients
  • 3 sectors in which Naseej has a competitive advantage (education, libraries, public sector)
  • 15 Countries where Naseej Existing Customers are spread
  • 33 years of experience
  • 300 technical specialists
  • 3 active cloud platforms

our expertise was gained by working with hundreds of clients across the Middle East since 1989 on diverse technology and digital transformation challenges enabled Naseej to gain deep insights and understanding of their true needs.

We’ve Developed  & Enhanced many solutions designed to address those unique needs and challenges and usher our clients into the age of AI, smart services, cloud computing, open platforms, and the next step in digital transformation.

Stability is necessary for people to do their best work.
Naseej has proven that even During times of changes or uncertainty, the company’s core is globally unbeatable, even launched it’s first IPO in May 25th 2022 on Nomu Parallel Market.

Our Values

  • We strive to enable all Naseej members to be effective participants in its success, and to support their efforts to achieve their personal goals and aspirations, while maximizing their contribution to realize Naseej’s overall goals, and to ensure the highest level of fairness in recognizing and appreciating their contributions.

We firmly believe that the success of our clients translates into the success of Naseej. As a result, each team member at Naseej feels obligated and responsible to ensure Naseej delivers on its commitments, and to collaborate and work as a team, to achieve the goals and objectives of our clients.

We firmly believe that our human capital is our most important asset. As a result, we strive to maintain a culture, work environment, and governance systems supportive of teamwork, and based on mutual trust, respect and a sense of belonging to one family.

We realize our clients entrusts us with their work, therefore we made clarity, transparency, sincere advice and putting clients needs in 1st place the corner stones of how we conduct our business

Naseej is committed to provide its clients with innovative solutions rooted in best practices and based on leading technologies. We are also committed to continuously develop our capabilities, and the quality and efficiency of the solutions and services we provde.

We are committed to develop solutions designed to meet our societies `the developmental needs, challenges, and aspirations of the societies and communities we serve; and to actively contribute and support efforts to develop the skills and capabilities of professionals across all the sectors we’re active in, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to be on par with their peers worldwide.

ماذا تنتظر؟

إذا لم تتمكن من العثور على وظيفة تناسبك ، من فضلك أرسل لنا معلوماتك وسيرتك الذاتية ، وسوف نتواصل معك في أقرب وقت ممكن.