Naseej Care

In Naseej, Client Care is one of the main pillars for our success. We realize that our commitment to our clients means providing them with professional services of premium quality and always working hard on developing these services. We always take the initiative to contact our clients and serve them with quality that exceeds their expectations. In our work, professionalism is our main asset so that our clients get creative services that meet their needs and expectations.

Technical Support

In our endeavors to serve our clients, we dedicated a team of highly qualified technical support engineers and technicians to respond to the clients’ requests quickly and efficiently. We invested in developing the technical skills of this team, and implemented a technical structure that helps us carry out the client care business and opens direct and effective communication channels with the Client Care team. This structure also helps our clients follow-up their requests and the updates, check the previous requests to benefit from the accumulative experience and generate reports that reflect the level and status of the service directly without having to get back to the Client Care employees. This is carried out in an internet- and mobile-covered environment to give our clients continuous access whenever and wherever they wish.

Our Client Care service includes:

  • Diversified communication channels to receive clients’ requests 24/7 all over the year;
  • Responding to clients’ technical support requests according to high quality criteria and standards;
  • Periodically updating clients with the status of their requests and the expected time frame;
  • Generating reports that include clients’ requests and reflect date, status and procedures taken to attend to the requests;
  • Ensuring privacy and confidentiality of clients’ data and requests; and
  • Giving clients the possibility to escalate their requests when needed.
Professionalism and Experience ​Preventive Maintenance
​Naseej Client Care team has the technical qualifications and experience that make it capable of providing services of the highest quality. A preventive maintenance plan is drawn for each client according to a pre-set schedule, and the Client Care team visits each client to ensure the safety of systems operations and hardware over the long term