Project Performance Monitoring

Successful project execution starts with a great plan. Yet, projects can always face many challenges that tend to stir them away from their plan. And that’s where a capable Project Performance Monitoring system comes in handy.

Naseej developed a flexible, user-friendly, and customizable Project Performance Monitoring that enables your organization, project teams, and executives, to easily manage and monitor all aspects of their projects from planning to completion.

  • Naseej Project Performance Monitoring system offers a wide range of features to all project stakeholders, enabling your organization to monitor and manage projects within the scope of work, specifications and allocated budget. With Naseej Project Performance Monitoring system you can easily:

    • Register project logs
    • Manage milestones and deliverables
    • Review contractors
    • Identify achievements or failures

Key Features




Top Notch Technology

The system is equipped with the latest technical tools, which can be customized for any content management system, business process management suites, or electronic forms




KPIs Measurement

Measure and monitor project KPIs that matter to you the most such as effort, time and cost




Highly Accessible

The system is available online, and any platform (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)




Advanced Reporting

Enables project visualization on interactive maps, with status reporting and sending execution alerts.

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