Knowledge Management

Today, many organizations are realizing the true potential of their enterprise knowledge. The whole institution experience, know-how, best practices, lessons learned, talent and more are all becoming the invaluable assets of an organization. Enabling enterprises to capture, organize, share and re-use these knowledge assets in their day-to-day operations and their decision-making processes is a growing challenge for many organizations. Naseej’s enterprise knowledge management enablement framework merges sophistication with practicality to address the knowledge management needs of organizations in the region.

Knowledge Auditing

Naseej will survey all the knowledge-based units in your organization to analyze their implicit and explicit knowledge resources.

Knowledge Awareness Program

A comprehensive knowledge awareness program aimed at creating positive awareness of the knowledge management initiative of your organization.

Organizational Knowledge Taxonomy Development

A taxonomy for your organization’s knowledge assets, categorized by a subject-based classification, with well-defined and unified terminology.

Knowledge Capturing

A group of services that enable organizations to select the best blend of software tools and applications for capturing organizational knowledge

Experts’ Profiling Solutions

Naseej profiles each member within the organization, to assess the types of knowledge they possess, classify it, and make it available for future search and discovery.