Naseej offers a comprehensive set of system integration services designed to minimize client IT cost of ownership while providing seamless integration to client existing enterprise IT environment.

The business process and workflow management solutions provided by Naseej enable organizations to seamlessly map their traditional paper-based business processes to the electronic environment with full control and flexibility. These solutions range from simple electronic forms to very sophisticated processes based on the SOA model.


Using Benchmark Assessment and Process Mapping: Naseej deep dives into your organization’s processes and identify opportunities for improvement. This involves on-site workshops, Root Cause Analysis and solution development, and improvement pilot sessions. Naseej will help your organization implement process changes and document any new policies and procedures. Naseej perform process improvement, optimization or reengineering based on each client’s needs.
Services Automation:  Beyond traditional BPM capability, Naseej and AgilePoint unique BPM architecture engenders your process apps with the ability to respond, not just to devices and browsers, but to platforms, environments, and the specific needs of disparate groups within your organization.
Itmam Platform:  Developed over MS SharePoint to serve clients who in need to automate incoming, outgoing & circulating correspondences. The ITMAM Platform provides customers with sophisticated processes based on best practices & and in compliance with eGovernment recommendations.

Solution Features and Benefits

Dashboards (eServices Reporting Tools)

Provides customers with dynamic dashboards to monitor the performance automated services from business point of view

Enterprise-Class BPMS

Designed for organizations of any size, looking to cut costs via process-efficiency improvement, which focuses on everything from governance, to risk management, and compliance

The Low-Code Advantage

In contrast to traditional BPM suites, which tend to be heavyweight, cumbersome, and difficult-to-implement, AgilePoint NX takes a low-code approach to process improvement

Managed Services for Portals

24/7 technical operation for hosting infrastructure, including Portal administration, maintenance, and support services