​The nature of Government work today is demanding more out-office hours from Government Executives. Yet technology at many Government agencies hasn’t kept pace with the mobility needs of Government Executives! And even though, virtually all Government transactions are now digitized and electronic, they still require the physical presence of the Government Executive on premises to execute transactions and correspondence.

Not anymore!


Naseej Mobile Executive Office (MEO) is an advanced IOS App that enables Government Executives to access incoming correspondence, execute and finalize correspondence and transactions anytime/anywhere, even when there is No Internet connection!

  • Receive any incoming correspondences to Executives’ office via a document management (DM) immediately on the fly; based on the app account synchronization settings.
  • Executives can search document libraries, retrieve correspondences and take actions.
  • Supports offline mode where data is cached on the tablet and queues actions until online mode activated so it synchronizes with a central server.
  • MEO provides Executives’ office manager and secretary the ability to manage those Executives incoming correspondence.

Mobile Executive Office

Solution Features and Benefits

Manage Correspondence on the Move

Naseej MEO enables Government Executives to manage and execute any and all transactions, anytime, anywhere, even in offline mode!

Use Your Handwriting

With Naseej MEO, Executives are able to use their own handwriting to add text, and signatures, and attach it to a correspondence

Re-Direct and Delegate

The MEO App enables Executives to redirect correspondences to their teams, request more information, and assign a correspondence to a team member

Advanced Security & Encryption

MEO adopts the highest security standards to ensure all correspondences and transaction between the MEO App and other enterprise applications, is 100% secure