Search & Discovery

As libraries shifted focus from print catalogs to online library catalogs, databases, ejournals, and other digital collections, now more than ever, it’s a must for libraries to provide a “Google-like” single-search experience for all their electronic resources. AcKnowledge, from Naseej, is designed to do just that, making simple for your patrons to find what they want, and in a matter of seconds.

AcKnowledge empowers your library with an advanced search and discovery gateway

Rich & Comprehensive Search Results

By offering a huge collection of open access to peer-reviewed resources, besides the licensed ones.

Personalized Search Experience

Patrons get exactly what they search for in a matter of seconds.

A-to-Z List

AcKnowledge offers an A-to-Z list covering all databases, e-journals and e-books subscribed to by the library.

Fully Customizable

Interface with library logo and colors, based on a full understanding of the information needs of patrons such as academics, researchers.

  • Improved resources comparison tool
  • Optimized management of authorization and authentication tool.
  • Management of trials and subscriptions.
  • Controlled allocation of resources among different users’ categories.
  • Detailed usage statistics.
  • Cost analysis and evaluation.

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