Integrated RFID Solutions for Libraries

The library collection is any library’s most precious asset. Ease of access and the security greatly enhance its value to the library and its patrons. Naseej has invested in the design, development and implementation of a materials flow framework based on RFID technologies and self-service solutions, in collaboration with World leading collection flow system providers; designed to improve material flow efficiency within libraries while preserving security requirements.

Security Detection Systems

Our detection systems combine flexibility and style with state-of-the-art technology to help provide excellent detection and reliability.

Patrons Self Services

Enabling patrons to directly use your services instead of using the circulation desk; is the only way to make your staff more productive.

Shelf Management Solutions

Our mobile DLA allows your staff to complete inventory tasks quickly and efficiently, having a solution in the palm of their hand.

Central management solutions

Our central management solutions will help save your staff valuable time and effort when it comes to maintaining your investment, especially if you are operating hardware.

Library Staff tools

Staff tools that empower your staff to complete transactions as quickly, efficiently and conveniently as possible.​

Return and sorting Systems

Create the perfect return and sorting solution that is configured to fit your space and budget, providing you with the best overall value.