Career Development

Naseej offers personalized learning and development plans for institutions, so employees can identify future roles and thus the skills they need to develop.




Prepare Your People for Future Roles

Solve the skill gap issue by providing employees with personalized learning and development plans that are designed to build skills and achieve their career development goals.



Manage Competencies Effectively

Align comprehensive out-of-the-box skill and competency descriptions to each role in your organizations, so your employees can identify future roles and determine the skills and career plan they need to do that role one day.




Improve Employee Engagement

Build employee engagement by empowering employees to build career and development plans and support them in achieving these goals.


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Performance Management

The system empowers employees and teams to create their own development experience, all while delivering on your business goals.

Compensation Management

Create a strong pay-for-performance culture based on objective, fair employee incentive plans, and transparent processes that align rewards directly with performance.

Succession Planning

Build competency-based talent pools for every critical area of your business. All Through targeted and purposeful development plans.